Let's find the real you.

Trauma impacts everyone differently, but with the right support, anyone can heal... including you.

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Problems we can help with...

  • Trauma

  • PTSD and CPTSD

  • Depression and Bipolar

  • Anxiety

  • Panic attacks

  • Stress

  • LGBTQIA+ issues

  • Adjustment difficulties

  • Military lifestyle

  • Relationship issues

  • Difficulties in adolescence

  • Family conflict

  • Bereavement

  • Relationship problems

  • Chronic Illness

  • Gender affirming treatment support

  • Identity exploration

Is therapy right for me?

Do you struggle with your past? Are you trying to figure out who you are? Are you ready to talk about "it", whatever "it" might be? We want to help you with that. Everyone can benefit from therapy, even if your current situation is one that you don't think is "bad enough" or "serious enough" for therapy. We will never force you to go into things you aren't ready for, and we strive to make every session led by you and the topics you bring to therapy. We also know that therapy isn't always right for everyone, and that your mind might change throughout the course of treatment, and that's okay. We will figure it out together.

What happens during the free initial consultation?

The free initial consultation is about 15 minutes long. You will tell the therapist what you are looking for, and the therapist will tell you what they expect from clients in treatment with them. If you decide it's a good fit, they will schedule your intake and send you intake paperwork so you can get started on your journey!

What is therapy like?

After your initial consultation, we will schedule an intake appointment to review what your concerns are and what you want to work on in therapy, gather some history about you, and discuss initial clinical impressions. If we have time, we will identify treatment goals and write your treatment plan in this session. If not, the next session will include a review of your treatment plan goals and we will begin treatment. Treatment will consist of therapeutic interventions that fit your needs, and can adjust or change at any time based on how you're doing and what you are looking for. See the services page to get an idea of different types of therapy we can do.

Do you provide gender affirming services / transition therapy?

Yes, we absolutely do! We have two therapists who have experience working with clients who in the process of gender affirming medical treatments and can provide gender based services and support. We can help you identify treatment providers for HRT and surgery, and will be happy to provide letters of medical necessity for you if needed by your insurance to seek these treatments. If you need two letters, our therapists will work together to help you with that.

Please note: you must be in therapy with our clinicians for enough time to provide them with the clinical information needed to write the letters. We do not do letters within the first month of treatment.

What if I want to stop doing therapy?

Therapy always goes at the pace you set, and if you decide you don't want to do it anymore, we ask that you let the therapist know so you can process it and have a healthy termination. If you need referrals, we will do our best to provide some options for you.